Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales

Fundacion Universitaria Autonoma de las Americas, Pereira, Colombia

Senior Researcher and Faculty, Faculty of Medicine, Fundación Universitaria Autónoma de las Américas, Pereira, Colombia. Researcher and Faculty, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidad Científica del Sur, Lima, Peru. Non-Resident Faculty Researcher, Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury School of Medicine, Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon. Dr. Rodriguez-Morales is an expert in tropical and emerging diseases, particularly in zoonotic and vector-borne diseases, including COVID-19 and mpox, and their occurrence among travelers and migrants. President, Colombian Association of Infectious Diseases (ACIN) (2021-2023). Member, Committee on Tropical Medicine, Zoonoses, and Travel Medicine, ACIN. President, Latin American Society for Travel Medicine (SLAMVI) (2023-2025). Member of the Council, International Society for Infectious Diseases (ISID) (2020-2026). Editor-in-Chief, Travel Medicine and Infectious Diseases. He is member of the Technical Working Group of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the Global Research Agenda on Health and Migration and the 3rd Global Consultation on the Health of Migrants and Refugees (co-organized by WHO, UNHCR and IOM). H index 58 (Scopus).