Edwin David McIntosh

Dr E. David G. McIntosh AM is an Australian paediatrician (with dual Australian and British nationality), vaccinologist and infectious disease specialist. David joined MSD on 4th March 2019 as Executive Director Scientific Affairs for Vaccines.

Until the end of February 2019, he was Regional Medical Affairs Lead, Latin America for Takeda Vaccines from 7th December 2015, and Senior Director Policy and Scientific Affairs from 1st September 2015, working on vaccines against arboviruses and norovirus.

Previously, David was Head, Global Scientific Affairs at Novartis Vaccines from 29th April 2014, and Global Scientific Affairs Senior Expert there, from 1st December 2009. Prior to this, David was Medical Director Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Europe/Middle East/Africa at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. He worked on pneumococcal conjugate vaccines, the intra-nasal cold-adapted influenza vaccine, the antibiotics tigecycline and piperacillin-tazobactam, and the anti-parasitic agent moxidectin, now licensed for human use, for the treatment of River Blindness (onchocerciasis).

He originally trained as a medical doctor in Sydney, Australia, and specialised in paediatric infectious diseases and public health. His early work was in Papua New Guinea, the Northern Territory of Australia, Perú, Argentina, New Zealand and the UK.

His early research was on early-onset Group B streptococcal in Sydney. His MPH treatise involved the study of chronic suppurative otitis media in Australian Aborigines. His PhD thesis described the molecular epidemiology of hepatitis B virus in recent immigrant families to Australia. He co-authored the landmark 50-year follow-up of the original congenital rubella syndrome patients. His post-doctoral work was on gene therapy for hepatitis, in the Department of Medicine at Imperial College, a university in London, UK.

David completed a four-year Higher Medical Training period in Pharmaceutical Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians, London, and is on the Specialist Register of the UK as a Pharmaceutical Physician and as a Paediatrician. He has written chapters on hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccination, pneumococcal vaccination, paediatric clinical pharmacology, paediatric clinical trials, post-infectious sequelae and long-term consequences of infectious diseases, efflux pumps, respiratory infections and meningococcal vaccination. In May 2012 he obtained another post-graduate degree, a Master’s degree in Medical Law and Ethics (LLM), the dissertation for which was on the subject of maternal immunisation. He is the author or co-author of over 60 scientific articles.

David is the founder and Artistic Director of the Glebe Music Festival in Sydney, Australia, founded in 1990: www.glebemusicfestival.com

David is an Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at Imperial College, London. In the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in June 2011 he was appointed as a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia, within the Australian Honours System. He holds the following qualifications: MBBS, MPH, LLM, PhD, FAFPHM, FRACP, FRCP&CH, FFPM, DRCOG, DCH, Dip Pharm Med.