Deniz Gokengin

Ege University, Türkiye

I am an academic staff member in the Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine at Ege University in Turkiye. and the director of the Ege University HIV/AIDS Research and Practice Center since 2009. I have been providing healthcare for HIV patients since 1996 and currently, I am leading an HIV cohort of around 700 patients.

I started my academic career with research on Chlamydia trachomatis and related infections and continued my work on sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS thereon. I am the founding member and general secretary of the AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections Society, a board member of the International Union for Sexually Transmitted Infections in Europe, representing Turkiye, and a member of the Euroguidelines in Central and Eastern Europe (ECEE) Network Group.

My major areas of interest are sexual behavior, social aspects of HIV/AIDS, and the medical management of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. I continue to organize and participate in numerous projects, research, meetings, and training programs focusing on sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS. My intended function in the delivery of the service related to the Tender bit for OJ/2023/DPR/26022 is to be a key expert in the area of HIV and sexually transmitted infections.